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Ready to launch your clinical testing lab or elevate your facility with accreditation?


At ZLM, we understand the intricacies involved in launching a clinical testing lab or pursuing accreditation. That's why our professional team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance at every stage of the process. From navigating the complexities of new lab license applications to seamlessly liaising with federal and state regulatory agencies, we ensure that your journey towards establishing your lab is smooth and compliant from start to finish. Our expertise and experience allow us to handle all regulatory requirements efficiently, guaranteeing that your new lab begins its operations with 100% compliance, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your venture's success.

But why settle for meeting regulatory standards when you can exceed them? With ZLM, you have the opportunity to elevate your lab's quality standards to new heights. Our team's proficiency in ISO 15189, a globally recognized accreditation for medical laboratories, positions your lab as a leader in quality and excellence. By adhering to ISO 15189, your lab not only meets but surpasses industry benchmarks, setting the bar higher than your competitors and instilling trust and confidence in your services among patients, healthcare providers, and insurers. With ZLM by your side, your clinical testing lab will not only meet regulatory requirements but also achieve unparalleled excellence in quality standards, ensuring long-term success and growth in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Customized Software Solutions Crafted by Lab Professionals

A reliable Laboratory Information System (LIS) is indispensable for effectively managing clinical laboratory operations. Each phase of clinical testing, from sample collection to result reporting, is tightly interconnected, requiring seamless coordination and data management. However, the reality is that no single LIS currently exists in the market that comprehensively ties together all activities within the clinical testing process. This fragmentation can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and challenges in maintaining regulatory compliance.

In this context, the expertise of ZLM's laboratory professionals and software developers becomes invaluable. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team understands the complexities of laboratory operations and the need for customizable and expandable software solutions. ZLM's software solutions are tailored to address the unique needs of each laboratory, offering flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving requirements. Our LIS solutions streamline workflows, facilitate data integration across multiple systems, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

By partnering with ZLM, laboratories can harness the power of advanced software technology to optimize their operations and enhance efficiency at every stage of the clinical testing process. From sample tracking and management to result interpretation and reporting, our customizable LIS solutions empower laboratories to deliver accurate and timely results while maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance. Trust ZLM to provide the software solutions needed to drive success in today's complex laboratory environment.


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A Cost-Effective Solution for Regulatory Compliance

Experience the advantage of an affordable solution designed to uphold your facility's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Catering specifically to small labs that may not have the resources to employ a dedicated QA Manager or rely solely on existing technical staff, ZLM offers a team of highly qualified professionals. Our experts, boasting NYS Licensed and ASCP certifications, are poised to provide invaluable assistance in meticulously documenting your lab's quality control processes, reagent inventories, instrument validations, and staff competencies. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your documentation surpasses the expectations of regulatory inspection teams, fostering a culture of compliance and quality assurance within your lab.

Our professionals at ZLM bring a wealth of expertise in accreditation processes, including ISO 15189, CAP, COLA, AABB, ASHI, and FACT. Whether you're pursuing accreditation for the first time or seeking to maintain existing accreditations, our team is well-versed in the requirements and intricacies of each accreditation body.


From guiding you through the accreditation process to providing ongoing support and consultation, ZLM is your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining accreditation standards. With our comprehensive approach and dedication to excellence, you can rest assured that your lab will meet the highest industry standards and excel in quality assurance practices.

Evaluating Excellence - Your Partner in Quality Assurance!

When faced with the need to evaluate a reference lab or assess your own lab's readiness for inspection, ZLM's Quality Management professionals stand ready to provide expert assistance on-demand. With extensive subject matter expertise, our team is equipped to complete the task efficiently and effectively. We guarantee to deliver a comprehensive report by thoroughly evaluating the facilities on your behalf, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the pros and cons associated with utilizing the assessed lab.

If the assessment pertains to your own lab, our commitment to excellence doesn't end with merely identifying problems. We go above and beyond the scope of the audit, providing tailored solutions to address and alleviate any issues uncovered during the evaluation process. Whether it's implementing best practices, optimizing workflows, or enhancing quality control measures, our goal is to empower your lab to overcome challenges and achieve excellence in every aspect of its operations. Trust ZLM to be your partner in ensuring the quality and integrity of your laboratory services.



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